Prices, other terms

The following prices are for information only. In case of a specific translation request, please, contact us for a customized quotation.

Languages Character based Word based Hourly fee
English-Hungarian HUF 1.50 HUF 10.00 HUF 3000
German-Hungarian HUF 1.50 HUF 10.00 HUF 3000
Hungarian-English HUF 2.00 HUF 12.00 HUF 3200
German-English HUF 2.50 HUF 14.00 HUF 3500
Proofreading HUF 1.00 HUF 6.00 HUF 2000

The prices do not include VAT.

For urgent work, please, calculate with 50 percent extra charges.

The following prices apply to the original texts, and are based on the number of characters (e.g. for MS Word) or the number of words (e.g. for MS PowerPoint, HTML/XML pages) contained. The number of characters also includes space or other punctuation marks. If the number of characters or words of the original text cannot be specified – e.g. in case of special text formats –, hourly based translation/proofreading is also possible.

Capacity: The standard translation capacity is 6 to 8 pages per day (based on standard Word documents using letter size 12). This is to consider when pre-calculating the deadlines for translation.
Urgent translation refers to deadlines calculating with a minimum of one and a half times more than 8 standard pages per day or work on weekends. For purposes of proofreading and other checks an extra day is to calculate.
Exact deadlines, of course, are specified by mutual agreement (spoken or written) with the customers.